Rules & Regulations

1) Ad spots are only confirmed with reservation by FULL payment only. (first pay first serve basis)

2) Once paid, no refunds and no cancellations.

3) If you do not send your images in time for me, I cannot postpone your ad period due to the fact that every ad is usually already lined up and any change will interrupt the whole line making things very difficult & complicated. I will give reminders prior to slot date so there's no excuse. Best thing is for you to keep note of your ad date and give me preferably a week before.

4)Please make sure you have your banner image(s) prepared for me. Please adhere to size requirements. If not when it's time for the ad to be up, I will just edit accordingly without prior notice.

If you agree, you may proceed. Only choose to advertise if you agree with all the mentioned statement above

To Advertise With Us Just email to

Email Subject: Advertise

Please attach your banner

Email Content:-

  • Advert type: Example -  (180 X 180) or (125 X 125)
  • Advertising Period: example - 2 weeks or 4 weeks
  • URL: example -
Ad Type 4 (180 X 180) *only on directory page

Price: RM 3 for (2 weeks)
Limited to only 2 ads

                  (Actual Size)

Ad Type 5 (180 X 180) *only on directory page

Price: RM 2 for (2 weeks)
Limited to only 3 ads

           (Actual Size)

Ad type 6 (Link Button) *only on main page

Price: RM 1 (per-month)  
          *free for those who advertise on ads type 1, type 2, type 3, type 4 an type 5
Limited to 25 Links

                  (Actual Size)
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